Sneha in half saree classic pictures of tamil beautiful actress

While there is absolutely no denying the very obvious fact that SNEHA is a natural beauty even minus make-up and she has been blessed with a drop dead gorgeous figure that is the envy of several lesser actresses and models in the industry but what got her rave reviews was abundance of talent.

Inspite of having it all. it still could not be denied that SNEHA was lagging behind the likes of PRIYAMANI and NAYANTHARA not becaus she was in any which way inferior to them but simply because she was prudish and conservative at heart and thus refused to drop her clothes and show her satiny skin and firm contours on the screen.

While NAYANTARA is absolutely at home in a skimpy bikini and PRIYAMANI too has no hassles showing her juicy body so far SNEHA stuck to her promise of moving her career ahead on the strength of her talent and good looks alone and she seemed to be doing quite well too but the power equation seems to have tilted the balance against her.