The influence of western culture and apparent thought of inconvenience of wearing the dress has made many girls to switch from this traditional attire to modern outfits. In recent years, however, Langa Oni is gaining popularity among girls again due to media attention and due to the work of many designers who have brought in many new designs. Once being very simple, Langa Oni now portray extravagant embroidery, mirror or zari work with bold colors like black and grey which were once considered inauspicious. The fabric has also been changed from the usual silk or cotton to chiffon, georgette and other synthetic materials like crepe or nylon. Modern skirts are usually made of light to mid-weight fabrics like denim, jersey, worsted or poplin. Skirts of thin or clingy fabrics need slips to help the material of the skirt wear in a better way. All these changes have made the dress popular again. Once, worn by the South Indian community on family functions and festivities, Langa Oni are nowadays worn even as party wears. Below Saree picutres of Actresses makes you feel surprise.. cinema industry has given so many beautiful actresses. may be the Lord forgive us may the Industry be with us oh she do it, oh she lose it she putting on her make up she casually allure text message break up, the casualty of tour how she gone wake up and not love me no more

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