Spicy Sundays- Grapes know the taste of LOVE

Grapes know the taste of love
Its half past ten and you start to shove
With spicy boys
And girls it's on you
The groove is on

Grapes makes you hot
Our capacity burns the quality shocks
The flavour is good
I'll give you some more
It was once a phantasy

Grapes love
It's a candy like this
grapes love

grapes it's eleven o'clock
The time is right to fall in love
With spicy man
Girls it's on you

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Geetha madhuri Engagement Photos..

Geetha Madhuri, a very well known voice of Tollywood, got engaged with Nandu Monday (11th November).
We know it pretty well that these two famous personalities are in love from quite good time. Geeta and Nandu are in love for more than an year and are doing rounds everywhere together.....After seeing each other for past few years they have engaged today in an intimate ceremony attended by close friends and family members.  Let us wish the young couple live the life of Riley and speak the same language.

The event took place at a farm house in Nagole.....Reports says that the couple are gonna step in to their wed-lock in February 2014.

Geetha Madhuri is one of the busy singers in Tollywood today and on the other side, Nandu is still struggling to establish as an actor. Nandu appeared as Ajith in Naga Chaithanya and Thamanna's 100% Love, later he shared screen with Geetha in a short film "Aditi".....Geetha Madhuri is also nurturing a career in acting.

Some popular songs that she sang are Parvaledhu (Manasara) Top Lechi Poddi (Iddarammailatho), Darlingey (Mirchi), Magallu antha (Golimaar) and Raye Raye Saloni (Maryada Ramanna).

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Micky Movie Bollywood First Cyber Comedy Thriller movie

Mickey Virus is a comic thriller set in Delhi, India. When Delhi Police comes across a case revolving around hacking, they begin their search to find a computer hacker who can help them crack this case. The head of the police team ACP Siddhanth (Manish Choudhary), stumbles across Mickey Arora (Manish Paul), a lazy but street smart hacker who can actually help them solve the case.

 Mickey runs a grocery store in day time and creates viruses for anti virus companies in the night along with his tomboy friend Chutney (Puja Gupta) who always helps him out in all odd jobs. He is also head over heals in love with a character he has created in his game called "Kung Fu Chameli" and will do anything to get out of hard work to do whatever he wants to do. Little does he know that ACP Siddhanth accompanied by Inspector Bhalla (Varun Badola)

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Sharmila Tagore- Wonderful Memorable Movie

Aranyer Din Ratri (1970): Four friends explore the untapped wild charm of tribal Palamau in Bihar to get away from civilization. The lines blur when the so-called civilized and the uncivilized find themselves in company of women and wilderness in director Satyajit Ray's Bengali classic.

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100 years of Indian Cinema - Wonderful Moments

Balachander directed Kamal Haasan (Vasu) and Rati Agnihotri (Sapna) in a Hindi film which is still very relevant. A Tamil boy falls in love with a North Indian girl only to realise that the path of love is not as simple as they thought it to be initially. Even the strongest of hearts would cry when Vasu and Sapna commit suicide in the end.

Maro Charitra (1978): You can always expect a fantastic story from the collaboration of Kamal Haasan and K Balachander. Haasan, Saritha and Madhavi produced one of the most viewed Telugu films of all time. The film demonstrated the ugly effects of the language politics. Later, it was remade in Hindi as 'Ek Duuje Ke Liye'.
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Best Health Life Insurance for Aunties

Introduction of Health Life Insurance for Aunties
LIC’s Jeevan Bharati-I – is a plan exclusively for women. It is a with profit plan having special features considering the needs of women. The plan also provides for Accident Benefit, Critical Illness Benefit and Congenital Disability Benefit as optional Riders


1. Encashment of Survival Benefit as and when needed:
The policyholder at her option may avail the survival benefit any time on or after its due date.  If opted to avail later, increased survival benefit at the rate decided by the corporation from time to time will be payable.

2. Flexibility to pay premiums in advance:
The mode of premium payment is only yearly under this plan. However, policyholder may pay the next yearly premium in advance in instalments (maximum upto 3 instalments) during the year. If premiums are paid in advance a premium rebate may be allowed as may be decided by the Corporation from time to time

3. Option to receive maturity proceeds in the form of an annuity: :
The policyholder shall have the option to receive the maturity proceeds in the form of annuity. The rate of annuity will be based on the annuity rates prevalent at the time of stipulated Date of Maturity.

4. Auto Cover::
After two years premiums have been paid, whenever premium payment is discontinued, the life cover for full sum assured will continue for 3 years from the due date of first unpaid premium.

If death occurs during the Auto Cover period, then death benefit after deducting unpaid premiums, with interest is payable along with the vested bonus, if any.

The auto cover shall not be available for rider benefits. Life insurance products

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Spend Enough Time with your Partner

It is always said that understanding a woman is very difficult. A man finds it really hard to understand what a woman expects from him and what she desires out of her partner. Often this lack of understanding and knowing each other spoils the relationship and makes you find interest in someone else. Men should know what a woman demands from him in a relationship. The other counterpart only demands attention, love, respect and some affection to keep going strong. As men do not express themselves much, it often leads to a tiff and lots of misunderstanding.

 So to help men out, Boldsky has picked up some of the demands that women have in a relationship. Knowing them would help men understand the other gender better and help build a strong loving relationship. There are a few demands that women have in a relationship. For example, one of the most common demands is time. Often men do not spend much time talking and gossiping to his lady love, nature of course! This becomes a problem in a relationship as the woman wants to spend some time with her partner. Similarly, other demands of a woman in a relationship are, love, respect and some other things like freedom, adoration to name a few.

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Love in Swimming Pools- Hot Pics

Actor Siddharth Varma, Actress Shilpa Swetha and Sonia Agarwal starring Amma Nanna Ooru Velite Movie Hot Photos. Story, screen play & Direction by Anji Srinu. Amma Nanna Oorelithe Movie Release Date on 5th December 2013.

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Super Star Mahesh Babu - Super Star Krishna Photo Stills at Book Launch

Adurthi Subba Rao Book Launch event held at Hyderabad. K.Viswanath, Krishna, Vijaya Nirmala, Mahesh Babu, Namrata Shirodkar, Manjula, BA Raju graced the event.

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There you go, walking by there You are the apple of my eye And I see you coming towards me and I get this sweating butterflies and You should know it You've got to feel it I'm in love with you for really If you knew how cute you looked in your transparent saree And your high heels Understand why I get caught up staring at you everytime You pass me by I see your eyes I feel your hair I see you smile I just wish that you could See me too Walking at the beach together Hand in hand Let me paint the picture You can see it Now whatever You will now will get somehow What do you want to drive baby What do you want to eat tonight baby Pizza burger..!!!!

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Leena Hot Mallu TV Serial Actress

Lena Abhilash , is a Malayalam actress and a VJ (media personality). She is known for her contrasting roles in different Malayalam soaps, which otherwise is filled with tear-jerking female characters. She has acted in many films including Jayaraj's Sneham, Karunam and Shantam, Kochu Kochu Santhoshangal, Randam Bhavam, 2 Harihar Nagar etc.Omanathinkalpakshi and Ohari are the two most notable serials she has acted. Lena is a post-graduate in clinical psychology, and has worked as a clinical psychologist in Mumbai, before she quit her job to enter full time acting.

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UGLY BETTY-STAR-America Ferrara Insures Her Smiles for Millions

America Ferrera is best known for her long-running role as the title character on the ABC series, Ugly Betty. While dressing up in a wig, oversize glasses, frumpy clothing, and big braces might make a few young actresses feel insecure -- and well, ugly -- America Ferrera would have it no other way. Although she was born a beauty, it seems that she was also born to play ugly. An award winner on the big screen and the small screen, America Ferrera is stepping down from her throne as one of TV's most influential nerds as her show winds down its successful run. America Ferrara Insures Her Smiles for Million dollars.
Lloyd’s of London, the world’s biggest insurance marketer, has reported that America Ferrera, the star of the hit television show “Ugly Betty,” has her smile insured for a whopping $10 million. Lloyd’s of London has a lengthy record of providing unusual insurance coverage for celebrities, including insuring Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards’ fingers.

The policy is said to cover Ferrera’s smile, including her teeth and gums. A spokesman for Lloyd’s of London said that she is “covered for any reasonable and necessary dental treatment costs or expenses that result from accidental injury during the term of her policy.”

The policy was taken out by Aquafresh White Trays.

Ferrera had this to say about the whole thing: “It’s very flattering to have my smile insured for $10 million; it’s not something that I ever imagined happening.”

The 28-year-old Ferrera is best known for her role as Betty Suarez on the aforementioned TV show. Her character is an ugly-duckling type, complete with a mouthful of big, metal braces. The actress and the show won numerous awards, including Golden Globes, People’s Choice Awards, Kids’ Choice Awards, and more.

The youngest child in her California family, America Ferrera had the odds of a professional acting career stacked against her success almost immediately. The divorce of her parents left her mom in charge of America and her five siblings, which made basic necessities and any kind of extracurricular activities extremely challenging. The family got through their tough times on meals comprised of tortillas, beans and rice, while Americabegan dreaming of a performance career when she was 7 after acting in Hamlet for a school performance. She continued to act in school productions of Oliver! (as the Artful Dodger) and during her time at El Camino Real High School, she became active in other theater events around the community.

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Nadhiya or Nadiya Moidu is a Malayalam and Tamil film actress who made her Tamil movie debut as a supporting role in Poove Poochudava during the 1980s with Padmini. Her debut movie in Malayalam Nokketha Doorathu Kannum Nattu, alongside Mohanlal and Padmini was a big hit.

She currently acts in supporting roles. She acted with most of the leading artist in Tamil and Malayalam industry. In 1980, there was a huge audiences was there for her costumes,hair styles and ornaments. After marriage she was settled in abroad with her husband and two kids and she made a comeback with blockbuster hit M.Kumaran s/o Mahalakshmi.

This film was acclaimed by the critics for her wonderful performance as Jeyam Ravi's mother. In 2008,she signed as the brand ambassador for Arokya Milk.

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Birthday Hero - Kamal Hassan The Great-UnSEEN PICS

We wish you a very happy birthday sir..

 Kamal Haasan is a highly acclaimed and highly versatile Indian film actor whose workis mainly based in the south Indian film industry.Kamal's acting career spans four decades. He is known in the Indian film industryfor his talent and versatility -- he has capably played a diversity of characters inhis films. He has appeared in movies made in six languages, including the four majorSouth Indian languages -
Tamil,Telugu,Kannada and Malayalam.
  His other forays wereinto the North Indian movie industry via Hindi and Bengali films. He acted in commercialised films for a major portion of his career, but then movedaway from the purely commercial ventures. He is also a trained playback singer andsometimes pens the lyrics for the soundtracks of some of his recent films. He is anable performer of the Bharatanatyam dance form. He had assisted in choreographyearly in his career.

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Birthday Beauty- Anshka Shetty turns 32


Anushka had a dream debut in 'Super' (2005) as the leading lady of Akkineni Nagarjuna. Success evaded this Mangalorean beauty until 2009. Following the release of 'Arundhati', Anushka Shetty became a rage in Andhra Pradesh.

This leggy siren is, now, one of the highest-paid actresses in Tollywood.

Here is a pictorial fact file on Anushka, who turns 32 today.

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HariPriya Hot Spicy Masala Rani Pics

Haripriya is an ambitious Women, and she’s vicious Really beautiful I never thought in my life I would never do it again But now I do She had a mission She had a vision To be with my woman I could swear that I could see the twinkle in her eyes She had a plan SHe’s so faithful I’m so grateful she belongs to me She’s tried so many times But in the end she always finds it Hard, too much all over me

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