Birthday Hero - Kamal Hassan The Great-UnSEEN PICS

We wish you a very happy birthday sir..

 Kamal Haasan is a highly acclaimed and highly versatile Indian film actor whose workis mainly based in the south Indian film industry.Kamal's acting career spans four decades. He is known in the Indian film industryfor his talent and versatility -- he has capably played a diversity of characters inhis films. He has appeared in movies made in six languages, including the four majorSouth Indian languages -
Tamil,Telugu,Kannada and Malayalam.
  His other forays wereinto the North Indian movie industry via Hindi and Bengali films. He acted in commercialised films for a major portion of his career, but then movedaway from the purely commercial ventures. He is also a trained playback singer andsometimes pens the lyrics for the soundtracks of some of his recent films. He is anable performer of the Bharatanatyam dance form. He had assisted in choreographyearly in his career.

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