Pawan Kalyan - Power Speech at Harvard University- Video

Power Star Pawan Kalyan who has headed to the US to attend the conference at Harvard University. According to inputs, Pawan Kalyan before going into  the conference he had taken a car rally at Nashua during his ongoing 5-Day us Tour.

As we all know, Pawan Kalyan is a powerful star he proved by giving a rocking speech at Harvard University. Most of NRI's were seen clapping and whistling throughout his speech.

Many of them have missed live conference that is the reason we have brought an exclusive speech for you.

"Power Star! Power Star!" the students at Harvard Business School in Boston chanted as Pawan Kalyan took the stage at the India Conference 2017. And then he began his speech for a very excited audience. After beginning the speech in Telugu with "andariki na hrudayapoorvaka namaskaralu," he went on to deliver a 20 minute speech Here are a few of the highlights of his speech.
"So, you have to understand my situation. I started my education in a street school, so it is a little difficult for me to address a speech in Harvard."
"I come from a lower middle class family. I studied in a street school and I had a lot of time to contemplate life's problems. It became my lifetime obsession to compare what is being said and what is being done. And so successfully I failed my examinations and I didn't continue my education."

"My focus was not on education, my focus was on issues that plagued the society. It made me go into depression. I wanted to commit suicide. As most of you know my brother was an actor by then. He owned a licensed pistol. I wanted to kill myself but my family counselled me. I then began experimenting with life. I studied computers, practised yoga, learned martial arts. I never wanted to be an actor. I wanted to be a yogi."

"My brother would come home after a long day and I would bother him with my philosophies - you know like life is a lollipop and such (laughs). Once he got irritated with me and told me to make something concrete out of life. At that point, I realised I have missed my education I missed everything positive in life. My only option was to be an actor."

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"My attitude towards the society was multiplying. The way our state was divided was upsetting. My problem was not the divide but the approach. They put the issue in cold storage for years and brought it up overnight. There was no thought or excersise that went into it and that irritated me. For me that particular day i didnt know wat to do. Previously I went into politics to support my brother but fell out of it. But I wanted to unveil the problem the way it should be."
"Law in India is applied weakly on the strong and strongly on the weak"

"I love our country. Culturally we are all so different but as a nation we are one. Jana Sena stands for integrating India."
"Ye desamegina, endukalidina pogadara nee thalli bhoomi bharatini. Bharat Mata ki Jai"

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