Bhavana Anchor- Hot mallu Actress Diwali Cracker tips

Bhavana Hot anchor hot mallu actress cracker tips for their tips..

1.Never give a sparkler to a child under five years of age. A sparkler reaches a temperature of about 2000°C, which is five times hotter than cooking oil. Older children should wear protective gloves, hold a sparkler at arm’s length and be fully supervised at all times.

2. Sparklers can stay hot after they have gone out, so plunge them into a bucket of water to keep children safe. Avoid jumping jacks and spinners that can cause damage and injury. The best option for babies and children is to look at the display from an upstairs window.

3. If your baby or child is warm, wears earmuffs and keeps a safe distance from the bonfire and fireworks, then the celebrations will be stimulating, safe, fun and memorable for everyone.

Diwali Greetings to you and your family!