Tapsee Pannu Hot Navel Kiss-Daruvu

 Tapsee may well be the hottest and most sought after girl in the Telugu circuit right now but then those who think that she is as sweet as an apple pie, here is a word of caution. This goes out to all those men who might have the corniest idea of getting close to Tapsee.

Well, the pretty girl has now been training on kick boxing and though this is part of her new movie, it is heard that Tapsee has practiced and trained quite well. So it could be that if any man tries anything funny, he might end up breaking his B***S.

For now, she is busy with the working of her film and lately, this kick boxing and karate trend has been picking up among heroines, and that too, the sexy ones. Already, there is the raunchy Neetu Chandra who is a martial arts expert and looks like Tapsee might join that list now.
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