Beautiful Actress Anjali Lands in Court Case

This is more like all bad things happening at one time. Heroine Anjali who is currently in a position to take off to the top league of heroines has been getting battered by her personal issues. Sometime back we saw how Anjali’s disappearing act created a major tension and sensation among the film nagar circles.

and one more new case filed by her aunt Actress Anjali need not fear arrest anymore. Her aunt had reportedly withdrawn the case filed on her. This will come as a breather for Anjali after being summoned to court many times.

The Chennai court ordered her to appear for the hearings, but Anjali had given it a miss each time. Recently, she was even warned of a sure shot arrest if she doesn't attend this time. In a twist, her aunt herself withdrew the case citing that the actress is busy with her film appointments.

A defamation case was filed against Anjali for revealing to the media how her aunt had used her as an ATM. Anjali also went missing for a few days, creating a storm of controversy. She is now free from the case and court.

In a recent update, it has been found that, Anjali's aunt had filed a fresh case seeking Rs50,000 as monetary compensation each month from the actress. The troubles haven't ended yet. Bharathi Devi  is telling the court that she paid money to make Anjali an actress and wants compensation.

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