Trisha Krishnan -Hot Trasparent SAREE Show UNSEEN

Trisha Krishnan Trasparent saree shows..
For so long I was depending upon 
My senses and fences, I tried to ride on 
And trusting in things that can never be seen 
Was always a crutch on which others must lean 
Thinking if I could see I would believe 
Then somebody said believe and you will see 

Sight unseen, sight unseen 
You have to take it sight unseen 
Blinded by the darkness only faith can come between 
Sight unseen, sight unseen 

Evidence built into every design 
Led to conviction between every line 
Faith is the key that can open the veil 
To Love incarnated and pierced with a nail 
Listen my friend, have I got news for you 
The nails in His hands and feet were meant for you

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