Beautiful Model Uravasi Solanki in Hot Red Dress

I want I need I love wish I could have all beautiful lovely girls.
All the beautiful girls from the not so secret magazine
With every shot so hot reach out and grab them,
I can feel the heat from the cover to the pages in between
All look no touch too much just leaves me hanging,
They're drop dead gorgeous super model for us, I love

I love lovely girls, so lovely
lovely hot girls, naughty
We are lovely boys, big dreamers
Filthy lovely boys, oh please please
I love lovely girls, amazing
lovely hot girls, indeed
They're every man's dream you know what I mean

Hello goodbye you'll be my bombshell baby
I know every curve on your body secrets out
Some dreams they do come true don't try to wake me
Looking at the pictures of my angels ain't no doubt
All custom made to make the grade my ladies
They're drop dead gorgeous super model for us, we love

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