Lovely Things to discuss before marriage- Apoorva Aunty Tips

Things To Discuss Before Getting Married. 

 Ugly Past If you have an ugly past, it is better to reveal it the moment your partner questions about it. Don't hide anything. Also, if you have any such questions lingering in your mind don't hesitate to ask. Its better accept each other totally before tying the knot. 


What's your income and what are your assets? Though money isn't important in love, it is important in marriage and there is nothing wrong in talking about your resources. In fact, it helps a lot if you and your partner are clear about who should run the house. 


 If your partner is addicted to bad habits, there is nothing wrong in asking him or her about quitting the same. Weight Loss If you want your partner to slim down a bit, you can express the same without hurting him or her. Health is important for a peaceful married life. 


 Men and women can always discuss about fertility issues before marriage. There is nothing wrong in discussing about health or attending certain health checkups. 

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