Fashion TV Banned For Airing Controversial Topless Figures

In an initiative for social welfare, the central government made a ban on the repeated telecast of Fashion TV for showing topless women on Thursday.
According to this ban issue, the information and broadcasting ministry revealed that such type of obnoxious telecast is prohibitory here in India.

Central government takes this strict action in observance to repeated telecast of
topless women by the famous FTV Channel from 7 p.m. on March 12 to the same time March 21, the ministry added, "through cable television networks and any other platforms throughout the country".

In a relayed programme of FTV channel on Sep 4, 2009 followed the same trend, the ministry added, "women with nude upper body which was offending against good taste and decency.”

The ministry stated, "The visuals were found to be obscene, denigrating women and were not suitable for children and unrestricted public exhibition”.

According to the ministry, the channel had violated the Cable Television Networks Rules, 1994 and this is the not the first time.

Even after repeated threatening from the Indian government, the Fashion TV seems to have no impact of it. May be this time they learn to follow rules with this strict action.