3D Photography -Artistic Photgraphy Tricks

 Today I’m going to tell you how to take your own 3D photos.
The process is really very simple, and the basics can be explained in less than a minute, but to become good at taking and presenting 3D photos take a bit more time, and it’s something that really develops with practice. I hope you’ll take what you learn here and get out and get lots of practice taking 3D photos.
The typical and easiest single-camera 3D photography technique is commonly called the “cha-cha” technique, for reasons which will soon become obvious. Here’s the technique in a nutshell:

Taking the Photos

  • Always take photos in portrait orientation
  • Set the camera to full manual and choose the correct exposure and focus
  • Put your feet square on to the subject of your 3d photo
  • Put your weight onto your right foot, without lifting your left
  • Take the first photo
  • Put your weight onto your left foot without raising your right
  • Unless your subject is very close, you don’t need to turn your camera to keep it in the centre
  • Take the second photo

 And you’re done! As simple as that. Simply by shifting your weight from one foot to the other, you move your viewpoint by several centimetres, sufficient to get a 3D effect. The “cha-cha” name refers to the side to side sway you do when taking the photo.

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