Nitya Menon Super Cute Hot Pics

 Full Name :              Nithya Menon

Nick Names :           Nitya

BirthDay :                21 october 1988

Birth Place :             Calicut, Kerala, India.

Nitya Menon Height : 5 Feet 3 inches(1.60 m)

 Zodiac Sign :            Libra

Hometown :              Bangalore

Education :              Journalism from Manipal Institute of Communication

Sexy Spot :             Her Smile and Eyes

Life Goal :               To become a Big and Good actress in India

Family :                  Her father's family is from Calicut and her mother's is from Palakkad

 Hobbies :               Dancing,Lisening Music,Reading Books and Watching Movies

Nitya Menon's Favorite Colour :      Black & Blue

 Nitya Menon's Favorite Food :        Pistas, Pizzas, Italian, Chines and All South Indian Foods

Nitya Menon's Favorite Accessory : Bracelets & Rings

Nitya Menon's Favorite Jewel :       Diamonds, Platinum gold

Nitya Menon's Favorite Movies :     Titanic, Spiderman, Matrix

Nitya Menon's Favorite writer :       John Grisham

Nitya Menon's Favorite place :       Kerala, Goa,london

Nitya Menon's Favorite Music Director: A.R Rahman and IlayRaja

Nitya Menon's Favorite Sport :     Cricket
 Nitya Menon's Favorite Cars :      BMW,Skoda,Mersdes Benz

Nitya Menon's Favorite Director's: ManiRatnam

Nitya Menon's Favorite Singer :  Sherya Goshal

Nitya Menon's Favorite Actor :    Shah Rukh Khan , Mohan lal, Mammuti, Rajinkanth, Kamal Hasan

Nitya Menon's Favorite Actress :Shobana
 Nitya Menon's Favorite Clothes :Jeans, T-Shirts

 Languages Known :Hindi, English,Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu

Likes in others :   Honest,innocent, Loving Nature & hard working

Dislikes in others : lazy , dirty, Cruel

For beauty :        Eats Healty food and Aerobics

Strengths :          Self Confidence

Weakness :        Her Family

Role Model :         Shobhana

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