The Real Bike Girls Hot Collection-DUKATI

 I run around town, around round the round with the pedal to the met…. The pedal to whatever

Shooting round the city bends I hear the conversation in my head.
Thinking of the place to be, I sing a little melody instead.
I won’t argue with myself, today my legs are getting some hell

 My mother tells me I should stop go and get a real job
That can’t be the way that I roll
Everybody’s growing up, having kids and paying rent and I’m getting count of it all.


 I’m gonna ride my bike until I get home.
Gonna ride my bike until I get home. [x3]

Thinking of the girl I met, a phone call that I haven’t made yet.
All the things I’ve done this week, and all the things I should have done instead.
I sweep the pavements and the parks; I hope that I get home before its dark

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