Shreya Saran -Cute Pics from PAVITRA movie

Story: A teenaged Pavithra (Shriya) takes to flesh trade in a desperate bid to make money needed to treat her cancer stricken mother. She grows up to become a high society call girl who gets married to an evil MLA's son and becomes a politician herself.

 Movie Review: There seems to be some collective mental block Tollywood's writers suffer from when creating prostitute characters for established leading ladies. Invariably they happen to take to sex-work as an act of sacrifice - to save their ailing parents, support their family or other such melodramatic reasons. Guess we just love our cliches and this is another of those "women empowering prostitute films" Tollywood keeps churning out from time to time. At least the hooker goes on to win an election and becomes an MLA in this movie, which professes that we need a Women's Protection Ministry to safeguard the rights of the fairer sex. Well, that's the message this movie comes with.

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