Mallu Hot Beauty in Half Saree- Natural Smile.

Use a natural smile.

Nothing can ruin a photo faster than a fake smile. Forced
emotion will make the photo look just that - forced. Ignore your possible insecurities
and smile naturally.

Always smile with your teeth. People with crooked, yellowed, or somehow
imperfect teeth can have the tendency to want to try and smile with their mouths
closed to cover them up.

 Don’t do this - natural smiles always show teeth. For your
portrait to look real, bare your teeth a bit, even if only through parted lips.
When possible, have someone make you laugh.

Real laughter produces some of
the most beautiful photos and keeps you from having to think about your smile.
Wet your lips before smiling, either by licking them or applying lip balm.

This will
prevent any unsightly cracks and will add a little more light to your face.

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