Romantic Couple -Awesome Photography

 College in session, we going turn this room into a campus
I don't need parental permission to take advantage of your body,
You's a hottie

So just forget about whatever you thought you knew
Girl I'm a teach you bout love making, love making
Til I have your legs shaking, legs shaking
I'll teach you real romance 1 O 1
I'm a teach you real romance 1 O 1
Come and get the romantic education, girl
Let me show ya

 Go on and work yo magic,
Make my problem disappear, call that favorite mathematics
I'm a addict, friendly for love, a hopeless romance
Imagine me diving deep in your ocean like the Atlantic
Your body so cold, you're sinking my Titanic
Kiss you bellow your zero, going in like a savage

Won't you let me be your teacher?
Honey I ain't know you deeper
It's a couple things you gotta learn
I'm a be the one to show you first

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