Aunty Tips to Select Right Man for Life

You are seeing a man since a few weeks or months. You seem to enjoy each other's company. But still, you are confused whether he's the right one for you. 

10 Signs He Is Serious About The Relationship Are there any signs to know he's the right man? Well there are some. When you can see these signs, you don't need to feel embarrassed to take things further.

Well, relationships are more about feeling comfortable with each other in almost all types of situations. Of course, the attraction factor should also be there. Signs That Your Man Is Not Interested Now, let us discuss some signs to know he's the right man. If you find all of these in your man then you can seriously think about moving on to the next phase of the relationship. Signs That He Is The Right Man He Isn't Clingy But Enjoys Your Company When you are around, he is totally into you and when you are absent, he just allows you to be in your space. 

You Don't Feel Jealous Both of you don't feel jealous. When he is spending time with his friends you don't feel 'left alone' and he too lets you enjoy with your friends. You Feel Like Telling Your Secrets As a woman, if you are feeling like opening up in front of him and telling your secrets then it means that you feel safe in his company. He Seems To Understand You Easily Without explaining yourself, if he seems to catch your point or understand you then he's the right one for you.

 You Respect Him If you feel like accepting him as he is without trying to change anything and if he too never tries to change you, the its a good sign. Disagreements With Him Won't Make You Hate Him If arguments and disagreements just come and go but you people still have the same feelings, it is a healthy relationship. You Can Spend Time Silently With a loved one, even sitting silently for the whole day is fine. Are you feeling comfortable in his company?

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