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Are you in a serious relationship? Then you know the ways to keep your girl friend happy. Then why does your girlfriend accuse you that you are not romantic or don’t love her at all or care for her? It’s because it is impossible to understand ladies. If she tells you that there is nothing happened, be cautious; something serious has happened. 

They are so very confusing and that is the mystery of them for which men get addicted to girls from eras. You can’t walk a small distance without your girlfriend. Simple Habits For A Lasting Marriage So, it is your duty to keep her happy and contented in the relationship with you. If the girl is happy, see how she surprises you in every turn of your bonding. 

Just committing in a relationship is not enough. Sometimes the language of eyes do the work; but sometimes you need something more to impress the girl. Let her feel special. Therefore, you need to know romantic ways to keep your girl friend happy. 

 You may know several ways to keep your girl friend happy. But there is no problem in doing new things. Even if you are a tough guy who thinks these romantic things are immature, try this sometime as there is no loss in giving it a try? It will give you oxygen in your relationship and to you too when you see the sparkle of joy in her eyes. Here are some romantic ways to keep your girl friend happy-